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The Best Tools to Create a Successful Kickstarter Page

Kickstarter is an amazing platform for entrepreneurs to launch their dream projects and find the support to bring them to life. It’s important to come up with a great idea, but it’s also necessary to have a well-crafted Kickstarter page to get the attention of potential backers.

Thankfully, there are many useful tools available to help you build a successful page. Here are the best resources to make a campaign page that’s polished, professional and easy for you (or your team) to assemble:

Affinity Designer

Quality images are essential for a successful Kickstarter page. Taking a good picture is only half the battle, with the other taking place during editing. Affinity Designer is a powerful vector-based illustration and design software with a wide range of tools to create professional-looking graphics.

From simple logos to complex illustrations, text headers, pledge icons and more, the app makes it easy to add that extra level of polish to help stand out from the crowd. Its sister app, Affinity Photo, offers photo editing, filtering and lighting tools similar to Photoshop.

Unlike comparable suites from Adobe, Affinity is NOT subscription based and instead works with a one time fee.


Directing potential backers to your Kickstarter page is one of a creator’s biggest challenges. Emails are a major tool in your toolbelt and few services come more recommended than Mailchimp.

The platform can be used to create engaging and effective email campaigns that reach your target audience and keep them up to date on your progress. Using Mailchimp, you can craft beautiful emails and landing pages that get people excited about your project.

Free plans can send up to 2500 emails per month and have access to pre-built templates, analytics and more.


If you’ve ever wished you could get a second set of eyes to look over your Kickstarter page, PageCheck is a perfect solution. We scan through your entire campaign page and check for ways to make it better.

We’ll help you optimize your page by providing a detailed analysis of what’s working and what’s not, all in a clear PDF report you can reference and share.

Typos, confusing text, misleading pledge choices and other issues that keep backers away are noted, along with ideas to improve them. See our full list of features for more details.


Sleek and polished graphics are one of the best ways to create a Kickstarter page that converts. Canva is a web-based graphic design platform that enables users to create professional-looking designs from the ground up, or edit existing ones.

The site provides users with a wide range of tools for creating digital designs including text banners, graphs, collages, logos and tons of other graphics.

Canva also provides access to a huge library of templates and images that users can customize for their branding and style. The best part is that Canva’s free plan is highly capable for most people.


GIFs are the animated images found frequently on Kickstarter pages. GIFs are a great way to demonstrate a product feature without embedding an entire video. is a free online image editing website that allows you to quickly upload, edit, and optimize GIFs, videos, images and more. With a wide range editing tools, ezGIF makes it simple to create or optimize almost any kind of content in minutes.

In seconds you can upload a video and select a portion to automatically convert into an animated GIF. It’s also possible to optimize and shrink GIF files to reduce page load time.

Other features include cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating, and adjusting color and brightness, while more advanced features include animation, layer editing, and text/image overlays.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processing and document creation suite from Google. Its free, web-based applications allows users to create and store files, spreadsheets, and presentations, which can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Google Docs also allows users to collaborate with others in real-time, and share their documents with specific users or groups.

Files can be stored online with Google Drive, which makes it super easy to share documents with other freelancers or even make a press kit.


Kickbooster is an affiliate marketing platform specifically designed for crowdfunding campaigns. Creators can create referrals where people can earn a commission for any pledges that come in through their special link.

Kickbooster’s marketplace receives tons of traffic on its own, but the referral system incentivizes influencers and bloggers to share your project too.

Additionally, Kickbooster provides detailed analytics so you can easily monitor and optimize your campaigns.

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