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Get a personalized report to optimize your campaign and find more backers.

Crowdfunding is hard.  Convincing strangers to become as excited about your project as you are isn’t easy, especially when you only have one page to do it!

That’s where we come in. 🥳

PageCheck will inspect every inch of your crowdfunding page and give you an in-depth optimization report of what you can improve.

How PageCheck Works

You submit your crowdfunding page and payment

We scour your page for areas to improve

You receive a PDF report of your page with visual annotations pointing out each area to work on with detailed comments

Kickstarter campaign page design critique

See an example optimization report

A typical example of our project feedback for a Kickstarter campaign.

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What we Check

Campaign Title

This is your first foot forward and is crucial for your success. We’ll check your project’s title and description and offer guidance on the best pitch for your campaign.


We’ll assess your video frame-by frame for length, clarity and engagement. Compelling videos are a proven method to keep backers interested and increase pledges.

Page Text

We’ll perform a top-to-bottom inspection of your crowdfunding campaign page and provide advice to improve text layout and clarity. Worried about typos? We’ve got you!

Image Check

We’ll examine each graphic on your page and offer tips for refinement and best placement. If there’s a feature better shown with an animated GIF, we’ll let you know.


We’ll provide a list of custom questions backers are likely to ask that you can add to your FAQ page.  Clear answers for common concerns are one of the best ways to increase backer confidence.

We work with crowdfunding projects from

Pledge Level Audit

Whether your campaign is absolutely crushing it or has room to improve, our pledge audit will give you honest and helpful feedback to help achieve your goal.

Pledges are where viewers convert into backers and we’ll make sure your reward levels are clear and concise.

Too many pledge options can overwhelm backers and too few can leave money on the table. We’ll help you strike the perfect balance for success.

We’ll analyze your project pricing, early bird deals and bundled sets to make sure you’re maximizing your pledges.


Crowdfunding Optimization Report

✓ Campaign page recommendations
✓ Pledge audit
✓ FAQ suggestions
✓ PDF report


One time fee

Common Questions

You can expect to receive your report by email within three business days of submission.

PageCheck does not accept equity based crowdfunding or charitable fundraising campaigns. Campaigns must be for a product or service.

PageCheck accepts major credit and debit cards through secure checkout with PayPal. Payment information is transmitted using SSL encryption and never stored by PageCheck.

Of course! Your optimization report is yours to do with as you please.  No logins, accounts or other hurdles to access. Send it to your team, freelancers, co-workers or Mom!

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it!  Just make sure your crowdfunding page has a preview link enabled and we'll analyze your page before it's public.